Online surveys

The simplest way to create online surveys!

Find more about your clients, visitors or staff by creating quick and easy online surveys! With PollSnack you can conduct online market research surveys without the hassle of learning complicated software or hiring expensive consultants.

PollSnack's interface is not only very simple to use, but it lets you view and analyze responses in real-time!

Easy to embed into your website!

Invite your visitors to answer your survey without using annoying pop-ups and unexpected external links! You can do this by integrating your PollSnack surveys into your web pages as Flash widgets.
See the survey below to get an idea:

Also, you can invite people to take your survey by email.

Simple reporting

If you're the kind of person who just needs the results fast, you'll find PollSnack's simple reporting just right.

Survey simple reporting sample

PollSnack's survey reporting will allow you to:
- Filter & save custom reports
- Export your data to CSV or print
- Share your survey results
- View responses live

Learn more about PollSnack's polls and personality quizzes or get started right now.

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